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Myagky Son
  • Production of filling material
  • Production of quilted pad
  • Production of quilts and mattress covers
  • Production of pillows
  • Automatic packing line
  • Special-purpose packing
  • Optimized logistics
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1. Production of filling material

Myagky Son Company has arranged its own production of filling materials made of sheep and camel wool, viscose fibers (bamboo and eucalyptus), synthetic fibers (polyester fibers, microfibers “swan down”).

All fibers used in our production are subject to quality control. Raw materials are certified and supplied by reliable partners.

During production process raw materials undergo several stages of technological treatment: opening, carding, antistatic treatment. Sheep and camel wool is subject to additional treatment with high temperatures (170C) in a special oven to extinguish fat and odor. High temperatures also help to bind fibers together and thus provide longer life cycle of woolen items.

2. Production of quilted pad

In Myagky Son factory quilted pad is made using highly productive multi-needle quilting machines. Quilting which is made across all the surface of the future item helps to fix filling material in one position and avoid fiber clotting. Items produced according to such technology have longer life cycle if compared to that produced on one-needle quilting machines where filling material is not fixed completely and may migrate.

Our quilting machines are capable of making up to 300 programmed quilting designs, as well as unloading new designs according to client sketches.
The width of quilted pad is up to 260 cm. Production capabilities of our equipment enable us to manufacture a wide range of products: from standardized quilts, pillows and mattress covers to various decorative textile items.

3. Production of pillows

Up-to-date equipment allows Myagky Son Company to produce a vast array of pillows used for various purposes: from classic pillows with binding to quilted and decorative ones, for home use as well as for hotels.

For production of pillows we use filling materials with different technical characteristics: from microfiber “swan down” which is very similar to natural down regarding its performance to siliconized polyester fiber balls providing restorability and longer life cycle of pillows.

Our new highly-production pillow filling line allows to produce up to 4 pillows at once.

4. Direct feeding technology

Except other traditional technologies of fiber opening and feeding Myagky Son Company is capable of using a new innovative direct feeding technology which contributes to bigger volume and restorability of the final product. The main distinctive feature of such technology is that open fiber is put directly between two layers of fabric excluding fiber pad formation as a separate stage of production process.

Thanks to use of different technological solutions the company is able to manufacture a wide range of bedding items meeting various clients’ expectations.

5. Automatic packing

Modern packing line used in our factory is able to fulfill a full set of operations necessary for packing textile items into plastic bags without operator participation.

The machine automatically puts a product inside film tube, forms a bag according to preset size parameters, makes a hole-handle, puts an advertising poster inside the bag, then presses and seals the bag. If necessary, the equipment can mark the packed products with barcode, production date and other information.

Automatic packing line contributes to minimization of transportation costs.

6. Special-purpose packing

Products of mid- price and premium segments often require special package such as bags made of various materials.

Classic packaging bag is popular in the market thanks to its attractive appearance and the opportunity for the buyer to open it and touch the product.

Tube-shaped bags are nice-looking and extraordinary; product sold in such package can be even presented as a gift. Besides, such package is compact and seller-friendly, it occupies little space on store shelf. For packing products into tube-shaped bags a special rolling machine is used.

For transportation purposes our products are additionally packed together into carton boxes or plastic bags.