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Myagky Son
  • Up-to-date production lines
  • Myagky Son is a company with a rich history
  • Comprehensive approach. Quality-based traditions.
  • Consistent trends of growth and development
  • Production under  clients’ trademarks
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Myagky Son Company - is a professional home textile manufacturer. Our mission is to produce items for sleep of high quality meeting the expectations of each consumer.

Our priority - is strict adherence to quality standards and production schedule thanks to advanced production processes and direct cooperation with manufacturers of raw materials.

Our factory is equipped with up-to-date machines assuring production according to high quality standards. Company production facilities enable us to organize continuous production of large production lots. All our products are subject to obligatory and voluntary certification.


Myagky Son Company is represented in the market with three different trademarks developed for customers with various needs and expectations. Each trademark has its own distinguished style.

Trademark “Myagky Son” represents traditional bedding. It has been sold in the market for more than 10 years and is now recognized by a wide range of consumers. These are items with classic design and a vast array of traditional filling materials such as sheep wool and camel wool, bamboo and eucalyptus fibers, high-quality synthetic fibers.

Trademark “OdeyalSon” represents contemporary and fashionable bedding mostly for young people. It was specially designed to meet popular trends of the core market. Unusual designer’s fabric “OdeyalSon” helps to bring positive emotions to everyday life of people.

Trademark “7 Perin” represent a combination of low price, vivid up-to-date design and high quality. Regardless their low price products sold under “7 Perin” trademark are manufactured according to all company standards. All pillows and quilts are produced using advanced equipment and are subject to several stages of quality control.


Products manufactured by Myagky Son Company are sold across Russia.


Company name “Myagky Son” is known to general public since 2000. However, company history has its roots in the 1970-es. Since that time the company has amassed a wealth of experience and developed traditions of quality, which allow us to produce high-quality home textile nowadays.

At present Myagky Son Company is a large manufacturer equipped with up-to-date machinery and following the latest trends in the world home textile production.

COMPANY HISTORY. Soviet period


COMPANY HISTORY. Soviet period

Soviet period

Reformation period. Conversion

Reformation period. Conversion

Free market economy

Free market economy

New opportunities

New opportunities